Tuesday, January 18, 2022
An Ecumenical and Inclusive Fellowship of the United Methodist Church

Worship Team

Arlene Page and Budd Heim, Chairpersons

 The Worship Commission has seen numerous changes over the past year. There have been many new members added to the congregation and there have also been those no longer on the roll due to moving, death, retiring from the commission and various other factors. Each change has been a challenge, or perhaps better stated, an opportunity, to regroup in some areas to better serve the church community.
  The influx of new members has been a welcome challenge to assimilate them into some facet of service. In doing so they help fill voids left by departing members and it is also a very good opportunity for the new members to feel more comfortable as a part of the church family. Naturally, new members interfacing with established parishioners gives the older members an opportunity, and a responsibility , to know and guide newcomers.
 A team concept is in place in most functional areas of the worship commission. Multiple rotating teams are established for each function for two reasons: It reduces dependence on a few and multiple teams provide opportunities for more persons to be active in a church community service. Trained continuing teams also tend to be more efficient in some areas thereby resulting in a more orderly process during the worship service.
 Liturgists, readers, and communion servers are usually not regular team participants but rather, these activities are normally performed by volunteers. All members of the congregation are invited to take part in these activities. Newcomers and particularly young communicants are especially encouraged to be involved. To encourage members to participate in our liturgist program we have offered training classes to include serving  communion.  We also attend the new members instructional meetings to introduce  our volunteer program which has proved fruitful.