Saturday, December 04, 2021
An Ecumenical and Inclusive Fellowship of the United Methodist Church

Congregational Care

Jim Edwards, Chairperson

Our Congregational Care Team provides expressions of Christ’s Love by assisting Community Church at Ocean Pines members, friends, and neighbors in many ways. They serve Holy Communion to Homebound and Shut-In Members the first Sunday each month, including Residents of Catered Living and The Woodlands. In the past 3 years they served this Sacrament over 220 times each year. Periodically, normally the first Sunday after the fifth Sunday, they Anoint with Oil the Homebound Members they visit.

They make hospital, assisted living, and home visits to those suffering from illnesses or recovering from surgery. Our Team Members offer Prayers, make telephone calls, send cards and sometimes bring flowers or cookies to a shut-in member. They offer comfort and services based on individual needs. 

We take guidance from our Pastors, Dale Brown and Bob Harris, and keep them informed of our contacts. Our Congregational Care Team Members are Kathy Carrier, Arlene Page, Laura Lassiter, Joanie Stearn, Barbara Rusko, Jack Snyder, Jean Taylor, Julie Barton, Fran Morris, Ardell McNult, John Falcone, Diane Holmes, Tom Bickerstaff and Jim Edwards. If you feel God’s call to become a part of this Caring Ministry, or if know someone wishing to receive any of these services, please contact one of our Pastors or one of our Team Members.