Sunday, August 18, 2019
An Ecumenical and Inclusive Fellowship of the United Methodist Church

Contemporary Worship Service

Each week The Psalm 66 Band "Rocks His House" with guitar-driven Christian and secular music to lead us in worship. A typical service begins with an upbeat Praise and Worship song. Performing four songs each week, the Psalm 66 Praise Band plays a style of music that emphasizes pop and rock and roll, but varies to blues, country, and classic inspirational music. The songs are selected to tie into the theme of the service.
The worshipers are guided through the service by a Power Point presentation with as many as 70 creatively designed slides that combine graphics, words to songs, dynamic video clips and music. Members of the congregation participate as leaders of the call to worship, reading of scripture and prayers. Occasionally, the service may include special music, liturgical dance, or dramatic readings to provide additional ways of experiencing God in the worship theme.

The contemporary worship service, continues to grow in Spirit and size and evolve in substance and style.The worship planning team has enjoyed many years of working together and appreciate the Pastor's oversight and support. 

A Typical Contemporary Worship Service
♫ “Waves of Mercy”
♫ “One Way Jesus”
Young Disciples Moment
Transition with Dismissal of the Children to Children's Church
Overflowing Love in Heaven and Earth...Call to Worship
♫*”Spirit Song” …. Congregation
Community Prayer / The Lord’s Prayer
Baptized by Water and the Holy Spirit....Mark 1:4-11
Beloved and Baptized” . . . Message
Video during Offering
♫ *Let the River Flow”
Closing Prayer
Sending Forth
♫ *Let the River Flow”
*Please stand and sing