Wednesday, January 27, 2021
An Ecumenical and Inclusive Fellowship of the United Methodist Church

The Green Team

Bill Killinger, Chairperson

The mission of the "Green Team" is to make the community more aware of the environment and to recycle various materials through Worcester County. The Team has collected church members batteries twice this
year and had them recycled rather than put them in the landfill. More than 80 pounds of batteries have been collected. Small electronic appliances, computer parts and some paints were also collected.
The Team has also cleaned the one mile of highway just south of the Ocean Pines entrance of plastic and paper trash several times in the past year. We have several very active members on the team.
  Green Team Tips  
 Water  Save Energy      Energy   Reduce Waste

The silent seeper.

A leaky toilet may go unnoticed, as will the extra cash absorbed by your water bill. To check for leaks, add enough food coloring to your toilet tank to really brighten the water. After 30 minutes, look to see if any of the dye has leaked into the bowl

Every flush counts

An estimated 30% of household water usage is flushed down the toilet. If your toilet is more than 30 years old, upgrading to a low-consumption toilet can save you up to 4 gallons per flush.

Rain, rain...please stay!

Use barrels to capture rain from your eaves trough and save it for the next time you have to water your garden or lawn.

Be conservative, cover up

Keep a cover on your swimming pool when it's not in use. This will decrease water loss due to evaporation by 90%.

Catch the savings

If you're running the bath or shower waiting for the water to heat up, put a large bucket under to catch the water. Use this water for plants, pets, cleaning etc.

Washing away your worth

Get into the habit of turning the tap off when washing your face, brushing your teeth or shaving, and only have it on when necessary. Water running when it's not in direct use is needlessly soaking up your money.

Draw at dawn...

As the days get hotter, close curtains to block out the sun and stop it from heating up your home.

Today's bright idea

Replace ordinary light bulbs with energy saving bulbs that use a quarter of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.

Home time?


Turn your heating down before bedtime saves energy, and once you're tucked in you'll never notice the difference.

Turn off when you come in

Turn your heating down before bedtime saves energy, and once you're tucked in you'll never notice the difference.

Pull the plug

Your mobile phone only takes a couple of hours to charge, so don't leave it plugged in overnight.

Turn off when you come in

One person's junk...

If you're planning to do some spring cleaning, hold a yard sale or donate old items to a second hand shop. You'll be surprised how valuable your junk is to someone else.

Go vintage?

Check out some local used clothing stores to find vintage fashions. it's a great way to recycle, cuts out carbon emissions made by making new clothes and it's unique!

Crafty wrapping

Use up scraps of material from curtains, dressmaking or unwanted clothes to make beautiful personalized gift bags. Your gifts will look unique and you'll save bags of cash!

Ice wine

Rather than throwing away leftover wine, pour it into an ice cube tray and store in the freezer until the next time you need to cook with wine. That way you won't waste a drop!

Think before you print

Do you really need a hard copy? Use both sides of the paper if you do and add a 'think before you print' footer to your emails.

Growth spurt

Instead of buying little plastic packets of herbs, grow your own - if you don't have a garden, even a pot or window box will do.